Retail businesses encounter distinct cybersecurity hurdles when safeguarding confidential customer data, adhering to complex compliance standards, and fortifying extensive IT systems against evolving cyber threats.

Blueshift’s fully-managed XDR Suite combines advanced automation with 24×7 managed security operations to provide retail businesses with affordable yet comprehensive visibility across the entire organization in order to protect:

  • Network & Connected Devices
  • Cloud Services 
  • Endpoints
  • Servers
  • Remote Teams

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges

Expensive Cyber Analysts

Retail companies struggle to recruit and retain the staff with the requisite cybersecurity expertise to detect and defend their infrastructure against advanced cyber attacks.

Costly Compliance Requirements

Most retail companies struggle to keep pace with regulatory requirements that impact their compliance with GLBA, FERPA, PII, PCI, and other compliance frameworks.

Real-Time Detection & Response

Most retail companies struggle to stay up-to-date on threats in their environment and implement real-time detection and response, allowing adversaries the necessary dwell time to execute a successful cyber attack.

Expanded Attack Surface

Retail Companies are a major target for adversaries due to their vast number of connections spread across various locations and access to sensitive student information.

IT Misconfigurations

IT misconfigurations are the top cause of data breaches, accounting for 43% of all breaches. Misconfigured systems can leave retail companies exposed to attack, data theft and other security incidents.

Social Engineering / Phishing Attacks

Education institutions are increasingly being targeted in phishing attacks by cybercriminals looking to steal student information.

Retail Cybersecurity Solutions

Given the issues mentioned above, it is inevitable that most retail businesses will experience a cyber breach; however, at the point of initial compromise, Blueshift’s XDR Suite gains an immediate tactical advantage over the attacker, allowing us to stop a cyber breach before it has time to escalate into a full-scale cyberattack. 

Managed Security Operations Center

The Blueshift XDR Suite is delivered as a fully managed SOC-as-a-Service with little or no IT involvement required. The U.S.-based SOC provides proactive 24x7 security operations including threat hunting, forensic investigations, and remediation recommendations.

Managed IT Infrastructure Protection

Blueshift monitors your organizations IT infrastructure with advanced deep packet inspection, comprehensive security event logging and vulnerability detection to stop for cyber breaches and vulnerabilities.

Managed Compliance Requirements

The Blueshift XDR Suite offers an affordable, SOC managed, one-stop-shop cyber security solution that meets media and entertainment industry compliance standards.

Unlimited Security Log Retention

Never worry about paying costly monthly fees to store critical log files. Blueshift will store an unlimited number of logs on-prem at no additional cost

Reduced Attacker Dwell Time

Extend packet layer detection and response for any device connected to the network. Reduces attacker dwell time by quickly detecting and responding to unwanted cyber breaches before they have time to escalate into full-scale cyber attacks.

Managed SIEM & SOAR

Comprehensive Managed SIEM with automated SOAR-like functionality collects and stores unlimited security logs on-prem for automated threat detection, response and forensics investigations

Blueshift’s Fully-Managed XDR Suite protects retail businesses with comprehensive cybersecurity services including: 

  • Agentless protection for all devices on a network with network-based deep packet inspection.
  • Most threats are automatically and instantaneously identified and blocked using threat intelligence, deception, and intrusion detection.
  • 24×7 U.S.-based SOC investigates and responds to advanced threats in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Managed SIEM with automated SOAR-like functionality collects and stores unlimited security logs on-prem for automated threat detection, response and forensics investigations.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of all devices in your IT infrastructure (Endpoints, Cloud, Server, IoT, Work from Home, etc.) – even devices that won’t take an agent. 
  • Network Security Monitoring with deep packet inspection of all ingress and egress network traffic
  • Comprehensive monitoring of all leading Cloud environments including Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and Office 365.

  • Blueshift’s affordable SOC-managed, one-stop-shop cyber security solution that meets GLBA, FERPA, PII, PCI and other compliance requirements.




Learn how Blueshift’s fully-managed XDR Suite combines advanced automation with 24×7 U.S.-based managed security operations to provide education institutions with affordable yet comprehensive visibility across the entire organization in order to protect:

  • Network & Connected Devices
  • Cloud Services
  • Endpoints
  • Servers
  • Remote Learning Users
  • Shared Educational Resources
  • Student Information