Extended Detection and Response

Introducing Blueshift XDR

Affordable, comprehensive Managed Security Operations for companies of any size

Blueshift XDR™ (Extended Detection and Response) is an affordable, highly automated SOC-as-a-Service platform that simplifies compliance initiatives and extends security visibility and management across your entire organization. Blueshift XDR seamlessly engages with all devices, data, and systems across the network—cloud, IoT, endpoint, server, remote workers, ICS, OT, and more. When it comes to incident response, XDR allows our SOC teams to identify and respond to sophisticated cyberattacks quickly.

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Surprisingly affordable

Your IT staff is busy. Your MSP is busy. With Blueshift XDR, there's no need to hire expensive cybersecurity experts. All services are securely managed by our certified SOC while keeping your data on premises at all times.

Highly flexible

Featuring a build as you go, 100% cloud-monitored cybersecurity platform, Blueshift XDR makes it easy to structure your cybersecurity operations for your organization's size and budget.

Immediately effective

Blueshift XDR is easy to install and reduces cybersecurity risk right away. XDR also ensures your organization is ready to meet compliance challenges from CMMC, PCI-DSS, SOC II, GDPR, HIPAA/HITECH, MITRE ATTACK, and more.


The Case for Blueshift XDR

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Blueshift XDR: Managed SOC as a Service

Explore Blueshift XDR Managed Security Operations.

XDR Managed Threat Detection and Response Package

Move beyond siloed cybersecurity solutions, and outsource security operations to a team of highly trained cybersecurity professionals.

Managed Network Detection and Response

Blueshift XDR inspects every packet moving into and out of your network. When threats are discovered, Blueshift XDR traps and blocks them, preventing any infection from turning into an attack.

Managed Vulnerability Detection

Blueshift XDR provides network vulnerability scanning and agent-based vulnerability detection for all assets—wherever they reside—on premises, at home, or in the cloud.

Managed SIEM

Blueshift XDR Managed SIEM supports monitored security analytics and compliance across the entire enterprise, including network(s), cloud, containers, endpoints, servers, and remote workers. Support for Windows, Linux, and MacOS ensures compatibility across your entire organization.

Blueshift XDR Managed Zero-Trust Data Protection Modules

Rely on Blueshift’s zero-trust approach to defeating ransomware and data theft by ensuring that only trusted processes and authorized users have access to your organization’s critical data.

Managed Data Defense

Protect data at rest and in transit with Cigent D³E® for Windows. Deployed, configured, and managed by Blueshift XDR, D³E features zero-trust, file-level multifactor authentication and encryption that protects any file stored in any location, and limits access to only authorized users.

Managed Self-Defending Storage

With Blueshift XDR, Cigent Secure SSDs are deployed, configured, monitored, and managed centrally. Every Cigent Secure SSD™ features firmware-based cybersecurity protections that make data invisible to would-be attackers. Cyberthreats, including ransomware attacks, are detected and repelled automatically.

Requires XDR Managed Data Defense

Managed Application Whitelisting

Surpass typical whitelist features and employ highly effective default-deny defense with PC Matic whitelist management. The optional antivirus solution scans for endpoint malware, rootkits, and viruses.

Four Reasons to Choose Blueshift XDR

  • Affordable, managed security operations for your entire IT infrastructure

  • Rapidly deployable, instantly effective, and fully scalable

  • Works alongside cybersecurity solutions that you already have in place

  • No training or dedicated personnel required; no hidden support costs

See what our customers say.

Waterman Broadcasting Corp.

We have found the team at Cigent to be outstanding! They have assisted us with the initial testing of our network, identifying where potential weaknesses might exist and then helping us design an economical approach to protecting our data. They have spent time with our IT staff providing training and configuring the equipment/systems to monitor our Internet traffic.

Gerald W. Poppe

VP/Chief Financial Officer

FineMark National Bank & Trust

From implementation to full operation, working with Cigent has been nothing but a first-class experience. We received our hardware with easy-to-use instructions and with the white-glove service that Cigent always provides. Getting everything up and running was very simple, and took no time at all. Cigent has been extremely helpful in adjusting the C4N system to suit our specific needs and desires.

Jason Manwell

Senior Vice President of Information Technology

Schutt Law Firm

As a law firm handling million dollar real estate transactions through our trust account, we are the constant target of hackers and scammers. Instead of hiring our own in-house cybersecurity experts,  we rely on Cigent to protect us from constant and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The combination of Cigent's advanced  technology and experienced team of cyber security experts provide us with the turnkey cyber security that we need at an affordable price.

Darrin R. Schutt, Esq

Attorney/Civil Law Notary//Rechtsanwalt/Notar

The threat is real, and it’s lethal.

See why Blueshift XDR—a new approach to cybersecurity—is necessary.

Understand the risk.

We are caught up in an endless game of cat and mouse with our cyber adversaries that can not be solved with technology alone. Why? Modern threat actors are extremely skilled at exploiting vulnerabilities, bypassing "set and protect" cybersecurity defenses, and using advanced phishing attacks to steal credentials. In some cases, they are already in the IT supply chain. Once inside your network, they can dwell for months, giving them ample opportunity to steal sensitive information, launch a ransomware attack that is difficult to recover from, or many other outcomes that no business wants to see.

Fight back.

A new approach is needed, one that assumes an intrusion is likely and moves beyond siloed solutions in order to manage the security operations across your entire infrastructure, 24x7,  through a combination of advanced detection-and-response technology, vulnerability detection,  security event analysis, and zero-trust data defense, all managed by a highly skilled team of full-time threat hunters that constantly look for anomalies in your infrastructure. The result is that—even if an intrusion happens (and it will happen)—it can be detected, responded to, and remediated long before the threat actors have time to steal, ransom, or even access your data.

Find out what Blueshift XDR can do for your organization.

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Learn more about Blueshift XDR.

Your organization is at risk every day from:

  • Phishing Attacks

  • Zero-Day Hardware and Software Vulnerabilities

  • IT Misconfigurations

  • User Behavior

  • Living-Off-the-Land Attacks

  • Insider Attacks


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