U.S. based 24x7 security operations including threat hunting, forensic investigations, and remediation recommendations.

24/7 Threat Hunting

The entire Blueshift XDR platform is delivered, monitored and maintained as a service by Blueshift and the SOC.

All alerts are handled by the SOC and customers are notified when anomalies are detected with recommended remediation instructions and what actions have already been taken by the SOC to isolate the issue.


Always Online

Security Operation Center (SOC) Blueshift’s SOC is a virtual operation that is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Access to systems hosted in our virtual SOC is tightly controlled and logged through both 2FA VPN access, ED25519 key exchanges, and hardware OTP keys. 

While Blueshift does maintain secure areas at our corporate headquarters for SOC operations, our platform is designed for zero-trust, virtual SOC operations from anywhere in the world, allowing our analysts to work remotely at any time for any reason.


Rapid Incident Response

Many modern environments can be described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, or VUCA. Surviving and winning in this type of situation rests upon making better decisions and staying agile. However, improving the quality of decision-making is something most organizations fail to do while maintaining speed and flexibility.

Blueshift acknowledges these short falls and provides an approach to improve the industry standard Incident Response (IR) by focusing on speed and enhanced decision-making.

While employing the OODA model to our IR program, we are able to make quicker, more streamlined decisions, and have shorter reaction times to incidents. Blueshift excels in fostering enhanced organizational transparency and prioritizing certainty over uncertainty.

This strategic approach is reflected in our IR program, continually flowing from Monitor to Detect to Respond.

SOC Alerts

The Blueshift Security Operations Center (SOC) receives aggregated alerts from our XDR platform installations that allows the SOC to monitor many different types of events.

These events come from these high level breakdowns:


  • Network Events
  • Cloud Events
  • Agent Events
  • Vulnerability Events
  • Integration Events


After spending months reviewing competing platforms, Blueshift was an iteration ahead when it came to dwell time and capability to work in a multi-tenant environment. Add to that their willingness to accommodate all our customization needs to make the ops side work for all our clients, and there was no competition. .

Jason Whitehurst

CEO, Security Provider Partners (MSSP)

It's like having another employee or more. Whenever Blueshift spots something problematic, as small as a piece of vulnerable software or an old version of software, I'll get an email from them telling me that they saw a problem so we can update it. My confidence level with Blueshift is very high. They have a couple of people that are assigned to us, and they let us know, around the clock, if something is happening so we can fix it.

Senior VP & IT Manager

Financial Institution

The Blueshift XDR Suite provides us with a very high level of confidence. We highly recommend Blueshift as professional and responsive and leaders in the security industry.


County Board of Elections





Learn how Blueshift’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Operations protect all devices and data across your entire IT infrastructure, including in-depth information Blueshift’s:

  • Cyber Threat Edge Node
  • Unlimited On-Prem Security Log Retention
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • External Deception
  • Internal Deception
  • Network Security Monitoring