Blueshift Managed XDR ingests and monitors security logs from leading enterprise and cloud based cyber security solutions in order to provide visibility and telemetry across your entire IT infrastructure.

Centralized Security Alerts

The more visibility an organization has into its infrastructure, the better chance they have of detecting anomalies, vulnerabilities, errors and misused credentials and of using the attackers dwell time against them, effectively removing them from the environment prior to them taking any actions to harm the organization. This is the purpose of Blueshift XDR. 

Integration Alerts

Types of Integration events that are monitored by the SOC include, but are not limited to:


    • Azure/Office 365 AWS
    • Windows Defender
    • Google Cloud Suite
    • VPN login/logoff geo tracking
    • Oracle Cloud
    • CyberCNS
    • Syslog
    • Sophos
    • Deep Instinct
    • Sentinel one
    • Watchguard
    • Crowdstrike
    • Cato Networks
    • Cisco Duo
    • Sysmon
    • Okta
    • Malwarebytes


Blueshift simplifies compliance initiatives and extends security visibility and management across an entire organization. It integrates with all existing devices, data and systems across the network. That includes cloud, IoT, endpoint, server, remote workers and more.

Adding Zero-Trust data protection to the Blueshift XDR platform means that files remain encrypted and only accessible by trusted users, wherever they go: endpoints, cloud, NAS, anywhere. Cigent’s integrated controls defend sensitive data from zero-day ransomware, advanced malware, fileless malware, living-off-the-land, zero-day, supply chain, firmware, unpatched software, and social engineering attacks.

Another Blueshift innovation has been to integrate zero-trust data protection with its XDR platform. Zero-trust data protection can force the protection of files during a security incident so that only authorized users with proper multi-factor authentication can access them. This helps reduce the risk that the data is exfiltrated or encrypted during an incident.




Learn how Blueshift’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Operations protect all devices and data across your entire IT infrastructure, including in-depth information Blueshift’s:

  • Cyber Threat Edge Node
  • Unlimited On-Prem Security Log Retention
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • External Deception
  • Internal Deception
  • Network Security Monitoring