Managed Endpoint Protection

Prevent cybercriminals from running malware, disrupting operations, stealing sensitive data, encrypting files, or holding critical digital assets for ransom

Combine 100% US SOC Managed Endpoint Protection based on Deep Instinct with Blueshift Managed XDR to detect and block 99% of unknown threats, like zero-day exploits and ransomware, before they execute inside your environment.

Blueshift Protect’s 100% made in the USA Zero Trust Application Allowlisting stands strong preventing unauthorized uninstalls or service kill attempts.

Ensure only authorized users and processes have access to protected files, safeguarding sensitive data from ransomware and theft.


In one step, Blueshift addressed multiple issues for us. We now have a SIEM with logging of network and endpoint events, we have a 24/7 SOC monitoring activity and proactively contacting us, and we have a resource to reach out to when we have concerns and questions about things we’re seeing. We couldn’t be happier with how Blueshift supports us.

Sanford Hess

IT Manager, City of Urbana

It's like having another employee or more. Whenever Blueshift spots something problematic, as small as a piece of vulnerable software or an old version of software, I'll get an email from them telling me that they saw a problem so we can update it. My confidence level with Blueshift is very high. They have a couple of people that are assigned to us, and they let us know, around the clock, if something is happening so we can fix it.

Senior VP & IT Manager

Financial Institution

The Blueshift XDR Suite provides us with a very high level of confidence. We highly recommend Blueshift as professional and responsive and leaders in the security industry.


County Board of Elections

Blueshift simplifies compliance initiatives and extends security visibility and management across an entire organization. It integrates with all existing devices, data and systems across the network. That includes cloud, IoT, endpoint, server, remote workers and more.

Adding Zero-Trust data protection to the Blueshift XDR platform means that files remain encrypted and only accessible by trusted users, wherever they go: endpoints, cloud, NAS, anywhere. Cigent’s integrated controls defend sensitive data from zero-day ransomware, advanced malware, fileless malware, living-off-the-land, zero-day, supply chain, firmware, unpatched software, and social engineering attacks.

Another Blueshift innovation has been to integrate zero-trust data protection with its XDR platform. Zero-trust data protection can force the protection of files during a security incident so that only authorized users with proper multi-factor authentication can access them. This helps reduce the risk that the data is exfiltrated or encrypted during an incident.