Managed Secure Storage

with Cigent Secure SSDs

Government-certified Data at Rest Protection

Invisible Data

Adversaries cannot steal what they cannot see: unreadable storage partition protected by non-recoverable key

Non-Recoverable Keys

A novel approach to the creation and storage of keys that prevents all known key recovery techniques

MFA for File Access

Zero-day ransomware, malware, and software service bypass prevention

Automated Threat Response

Protects against adversaries who disable endpoint security software. Makes in-use data invisible if attackers disable Cigent software.

Verified Data Erasure

Ensures every block has truly been wiped

Immutable Insider Detection

Secure data access logs capture all insider threat activity

Next Gen Data Protection

Government-certified Data at Rest (DAR) protection that complies with FIPS, CC, and CSfC, protecting data on any O/S with full disk encryption, MFA, crypto erase, verified full drive erasure and on Windows OS makes data invisible, automatically responds to threats, and has immutable insider detection.




Endpoint devices may be lost, stolen, or confiscated. Once adversaries have physical access to a device, neither software full disk encryption (FDE) nor self-encrypting drives (SEDs) will prevent data compromise.

  • Instant, posture-based locking of critical data, without impacting the user’s ability to continue working, or to access files. Files are either always protected with multi-factor authentication or protected on a risk-aware basis.
  • Protection of an organization’s IP from any threat, even when stored in the data center, the cloud, the endpoint, or external storage.
  • Seamless sharing of encrypted files within groups of authorized users using Zero Trust multi-factor authentication. 
  • A new level of granularity to Blueshift XDR response, including group file locking and centralized file locking in a heightened threat environment.




Detect and respond has proven ineffective. Advanced malware, fileless malware, living-off-the-land, zero-day, supply chain, and social engineering attacks can bypass EDR resulting in compromises.

  • Attackers able to disable security software

  • Vast number of unpatched known and unknown software vulnerabilities

  • Sophisticated attackers utilize increasingly specialized tactics and capabilities

  • Supply chain and firmware attacks


Blueshift simplifies compliance initiatives and extends security visibility and management across an entire organization. It integrates with all existing devices, data and systems across the network. That includes cloud, IoT, endpoint, server, remote workers and more.

Adding Zero-Trust data protection to the Blueshift XDR platform means that files remain encrypted and only accessible by trusted users, wherever they go: endpoints, cloud, NAS, anywhere. Cigent’s integrated controls defend sensitive data from zero-day ransomware, advanced malware, fileless malware, living-off-the-land, zero-day, supply chain, firmware, unpatched software, and social engineering attacks.

Another Blueshift innovation has been to integrate zero-trust data protection with its XDR platform. Zero-trust data protection can force the protection of files during a security incident so that only authorized users with proper multi-factor authentication can access them. This helps reduce the risk that the data is exfiltrated or encrypted during an incident.




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