Blueshift Cybersecurity and Service Provider Partners Team up to Provide Affordable, Managed Application AllowListing to IT Service Providers and their Clients


Partnership solves the administrative nightmare experienced by MSPs and IT organizations to deploy and manage application allowlist solutions

Blueshift Cybersecurity™ announced that it has teamed up with leading MSSP Service Provider Partners™ to offer an affordable, SOC-managed version of its Blueshift Protect Application AllowList solution for Windows, Linux, and macOS-based endpoints and servers. Under the partnership, SPP will provide onboarding assistance and ongoing customer support, while Blueshift will provide 24×7 SOC monitoring of any devices deployed with Blueshift Protect.

IT service providers increasingly use application allowlist solutions as a highly effective layer of zero-trust cybersecurity for PC and servers, as only trusted processes are allowed to run in those environments. A historical downside of allowlist solutions is the number of false positives and the need for IT staff to create and maintain the allow list. Blueshift Protect’s globally automated application allowlist reduces this workload by continuously adding and managing new and recurring software, including individual files and processes, digital certificates, and scripts. Onboarding support, combined with the Blueshift SOC’s timely response to local exceptions, allows service providers to deploy the solution without disruption across devices, groups, locations, single organizations, or multiple organizations in real time.

“The application allowlist space continues to heat up, but a challenge to profitably is the ongoing management time required,” says Jason Whitehurst, CEO and Co-Founder of Service Provider Partners. “With the addition of an expert SOC assisting with risk decisions combined with an intuitive interface, Blueshift Protect is the most comprehensive and profitable solution. With the option of native integration into the Blueshift SOAR Platform, our clients can affordably offer a layered approach to environment and endpoint security while taking advantage of an enterprise-quality Security Operations Center. Based on our extensive testing and evaluation, Blueshift Protect is the only solution suited for our hundreds of MSP customers.”

“From a defensive cyber perspective, allowlisting enables a level of control where only known-good applications can run. Managed allowlisting significantly reduces the number of alerts and investigations for the Security Operations Center,” says Greg Scasny, CTO of Blueshift Cybersecurity. “The SOC investigates all denied applications as to their identity and origin. This enhanced protection co-exists with current AV/EDR solutions, thus making the protected environment challenging for cyber adversaries to operate.”

About Blueshift Cybersecurity
Blueshift XDR™ (Extended Detection and Response) is Blueshift’s affordable, highly automated SOC-as-a-Service platform that simplifies compliance initiatives and extends security visibility and management across your entire organization. It seamlessly integrates with all existing devices, data, and systems across the network — such as cloud, IoT, endpoint, server, remote workers, and more. 

About Service Provider Partners
Service Provider Partners is a Managed Security Services Provider offering a full stack of white-glove, best-in-breed cybersecurity platforms and services to MSPs to offer their clients. SPP operates fully behind the scenes, providing the MSP a single support and SOC team across all platforms offered allowing the MSP to offer enterprise-grade cybersecurity services affordably with minimal cost of services.